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Cult Of Pop Culture Jennifer Aniston Quot Nude Magazine Cover Has Us Praying For Forgiveness

This cover is clearly saying: Check out my rock solid BOD, who hasn t popped three children. I beg to differ. Jennifer Aniston says she wasn t trying to make a statement with his nekkid GQ cover. Suck that, Brad Pitt..
16.12.08 16:02

It Quot Over And If Anyone Says Warner They Get Their Tongue Cut Nbsp Out

His only competition in an egg at home to Tavaras Jackson-led Vikings. For those keeping score, Kurt Warner has nearly the same statistics this year as it did last year l. His Completition percentage is now back to more than 65%, and launches TDS 23 and 12 Ints only with a fumble (not lost). Oh, and fumbled the ball 10 times this year, losing 6 of them. Peyton Manning is the 2008 NFL MVP. Yes, true MVP stuff there. Seriously people, is more. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning only helped his team win their 7th game in a row.
16.12.08 16:02

Quot Twilight Quot Director Catherine Hardwicke Reveals Dvd Details

In recent days, Twilight fans are so freaked you d think Jame the nomad was their scent. Even if their loved vampire film keeps taking large U.S. Dollars at the box office, director Catherine Hardwicke was yanked off followed, And the names of potential successors are jumping faster than about Edward Cullen on a deer hunt..
16.12.08 16:03

A Different Me On Cd From Keyshia Cole

Squeeze the pain and tears through searing, passionate voice, KEYSHIA COLE has come a long way to scrappy children who dreamed of a life beyond the rough streets of several Oakland, CA. In just three years, shes become a four-time Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling singer and the star of a top-rated BET reality show..
16.12.08 16:03

Rihanna Quot Disturbs Quot X Factor With Call Out Beyonce To Fill In

Rihanna has pulled out its X-Factor benefits provided this weekend. Heatworld Second, Beyonce will rock the final stage of the exhibition accompanied by Westlife to replace Rihanna which was to play Umbrella. The If I were a boy singer will perform with Alexandra, an X-Factor finalist, while JLS will perform with Westlilfe.. According to an insider of the Umbrella singer has had a shake and producers Aren t very enthusiastic.
16.12.08 16:03


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